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The Neon Nurse's Nebulous Natterings

You must be *this* weird to read....

Susan the Neon Nurse
18 October 1953
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I am Very Old for an LJer, 55, which is quite amazing considering the many tremendously stupid things I did when I was Young and (more) Foolish. I discovered fandom in 1977, and still think it's quite spiffy. On the neg side, I am a horrible person who sometimes doesn't answer email for months, so why I joined LJ TOO...I just don't know. Guess I am compulsive as well.

I have a mirror site at Blogger which is sort of like NeonNurseLite--much less of Dread Politics and fannish stuff. It also goes out as an email list to family and friends. Family as in my mom, and other Republican types. Nuff said, eh?

You might notice I have quite a few schools listed below. That's not actually all of them--I am missing at least three in Missouri in the 60s. I looked them all up as a memory exercise when LJ trotted out the capability. Yes, I am one of those people who makes her own fun.

While I am mentioning things, guess I'll point out, again, that I earn my living selling things on eBay and my online bookstore, which you can visit by clicking the very lovely banner below: